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Hi again, I'm Angela 👋


Designer based in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada


Global Business & Digital Arts @ UWaterloo

I'm a visual designer and digital illustrator, exploring the world of design where I can bring my creations to life. I specialize in visual design, UX/UI design, and vector-based illustrations. My most recent design trend I've been loving to do is isometric design and pixel art!

As a multidisciplinary designer, I value inclusion and consistency

while in team settings, I prioritize organization and communication

so together we can produce the best result. Over the years, I've

gotten experience in various environments such as graphic/web design, promotional marketing, motion design, and e-commerce.

In my spare time, you find me working on sticker orders, watching

asian dramas, or catching up on the latest skincare products. 


I'm always seeking new opportunities so if you're interested in working together or just having a chat, feel free to email or connect with me!

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