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🎡 Welcome to my playground

A collection of projects I've done over the years. It will include coded games, miscellaneous designs, and other fun things.




A cute stationary and print shop made by two sisters during quarantine

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 12.35.53 AM.png


Game Development

Hamster Ball

2020 – Game coded in P5.js using Processing

Personalize your game by inputing your name and giving your hamster a name! Use the light and dark mode options at the bottoms to transform your interface. Remember volume up :)

Play now ↓ 

Play your own adventure 

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2020 – Guide Isabelle through the forest! Coded in HTML/CSS using Twine

*Some character pictures may not be loading and audio may be wacky..

Quick, they're coming! 

2019 – A mini game coded using P5.js in Processing

Play now

Is the game is causing you some troubles, not loading, lagging, or experiencing errors?

Watch the demo video

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